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Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:10

his page is not meant to be the unique or main source of informations on R. L. Kurucz's atmosphere modeling codes. Its main purpose is to act as a repository for the GNU Linux port of these codes we realized.

The ATLAS suite has been developed along the years on a series of different computers, and is currently maintained by R. L. Kurucz in its VMS version. It is available, alongside with a large database of model grids, opacity grids, line list, opacities and so on at R. L. Kurucz web page, which remains the authoritative source regarding the ATLAS Suite. Another important source of informations, data files and such is Fiorella Castelli's web page.


In 2003 we developed a port of the codes suited to compile with the Intel Fortran Compiler (IFC) under GNU Linux. IFC is a powerful Fortran 90-95 compiler, very well suited for our purposes due to its extensive set of backward compatibility options. The Linux version can be downloaded for free for non commercial purposes (see the License Agreement for details). Currently, the code compiles under IFC 8.1, but we can provide upon request a version for IFC 7.0, should you need it.

We ported ATLAS 9 and ATLAS 12 (respectively the ODF-based and the Opacity Sampling versions of ATLAS), WIDTH (abundance estimation from EWs), and the SYNTHE suite of programs (spectral synthesis). In the Download section you may download (you did not guess it...) the relevant tarballs for precompiled binaries, source codes, all the needed input data (line lists, ODFs and so on) and some documentation. Since our main goal was to produce a port as consistent as possible with the original VMS code, all the ASCII input files are totally unchanged from the VMS version. As a consequence we did not include here, for example, the extensive model grids or the HFS line data available at the Kurucz's web page, since they can be downloaded from there.

In the Download page you will also find various auxiliary programs that may be useful to you, as well as a collection of scripts useful to run the codes. Detailed installation instructions are also provided there. In general, we suggest to try first to use the precompiled binaries, which have been statically linked with the needed libraries and are supposed to work in most cases. Should you need or want to recompile the codes from sources, appropriate makefiles are provided in the tarballs, which should work without problems, provided of course you have IFC properly installed. Should you encounter any trouble, feel free to contact us.

These pages are likely to contain some error: if you find any, inform Luca Sbordone about them!

People already used to the VMS version of the Suite will find that the only changes in its way of working have been related to the need of translate the VMS scripts into Linux c-shell ones. At the same time, we acknowledge that the ATLAS suite may prove rather hard to learn for new users, given the difficulty to find documentation. We are trying to collect what is available, and writing something ourselves. The results of these efforts can be found in the Documentation section.

For interested people, three mailing lists on ATLAS and related arguments are maintained by Urtzi Jauregi at Ljubljana University. They are conceived to be the main channel for help request, news and discussion on this Linux port and the Kurucz's codes in general, and you are welcome to subscribe to them if interested. Find out more in the Links page.

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