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Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:11

For your convenience, a tarball of the documents listed here and not available elsewhere can be found in the Download page.

Tutorials & Co.

  • The Atlas Cookbook
    A small, non exaustive tutorial to learn the basics of ATLAS 9, WIDTH and SYNTHE as distributed in our Linux porting. 
  • SAO Special Report 309
    by R. L. Kurucz, 1970, "ATLAS: a computer program for calculating stellar model atmospheres". PDF file, to be downloaded from Kurucz's web page. Although referring to a previous version of ATLAS (ATLAS 5) this huge text is still the best reference available about the details of the algorhytms and coding.
  • SAO Special Report 391
    R. L. Kurucz and E. H. Avrett, 1981, "Solar Spectrum Synthesis. I. A Sample Atlas from 224 to 300 nm" contains the only "official" documentation of SYNTHE.
  • Working notes on Atlas 9 and SYNTHE
    by Urtzi Jauregi, University of Ljubiana, in PDF. Useful description of the various control cards present in an ATLAS input file. It is based on the VMS version, but applies to the Linux one without variations.
  • Kurucz's models, Kurucz's fluxes and the ATLAS code
    by F. Castelli, 1988, scanned version. This is the authoritative reference for all the ATLAS control card.

Strictly related literature

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