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Please, acknowledge the use of these codes by citing:

  • Kurucz, R. 1993, ATLAS9 Stellar Atmosphere Programs and 2 km/s
    grid. Kurucz CD-ROM No. 13. Cambridge, Mass.: Smithsonian Astrophysical
    Observatory, 1993., 13

  • Sbordone, L., Bonifacio, P., Castelli, F., & Kurucz, R. L. 2004, Memorie
    della Societa Astronomica Italiana Supplement, 5, 93

  • Sbordone, L., 2005, Memorie della Societa Astronomica Italiana Supplement, 8, 61


Use the link below to download the tarballs you need. A small installation guide in text format is available, and also included in the tarballs. For detailed documentation see the Documentation page.

src.tgz 1.2 Mb Source codes for Kurucz's programs (ATLAS 9 & 12, WIDTH, SYNTHE)
utilities.tgz 6.6 Kb Useful contributed codes, sources
bin.tgz 21 Mb precompiled binaries for src and utilities
lines.tgz 7.2 Mb line lists (ASCII) for SYNTHE
lines_at12.tgz 1 Gb lines (in binary format) needed for Atlas 12, TiO and H2O lines for SYNTHE. Unless you plan to use Atlas 12 or to synthesize spectra of stars with important TiO features, you can skip this one.
odf.tgz 153 Mb Opacity Distribution Functions and Rosseland opacities for ATLAS 9. Included files are for metallicities between [Fe/H]=-2.5 and [Fe/H]=+0.5 both solar scaled and alpha enhanced, for 1 km/s microturbulence.

Included ODFs are of the NEW type (see Castelli & Kurucz, 2003, astro-ph/0405087 in the Documentation page): they should be used with the proper version of ATLAS 9 (atlas9mem_newodf). ODFs of the OLD type can be downloaded from R. L. Kurucz web page. Other ODFs of the NEW type are available upon request.
molecules.tgz 88 Mb Molecular lines to be used with SYNTHE.
scripts.tgz 8 Kb Various example scripts, and some scripts needed for installation.
documentation.tgz 20 Mb Documentation, including the installation guide and a locale version of the atlas cookbook.
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