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Thursday, 05 May 2011 14:18
2006 January 31 - The proceedings of the "Atlas 12 and related codes" workshop, held in Trieste, July 11-15, 2005 have been published as vol. 8 of  "Memorie della Società Astronomica Italiana Supplementi". Go here for the table of contents, allowing also the download of all the papers and contributions in PDF or PS format. The papers are also available via ADS, and the most relevant for the purpose of this site have been listed in the Documentation section.

2005 July 19 - The Atlas 12 and related codes workshop was a big success. Beginning from the fact that our computer cluster did not burst into flames, and that we overheated the Beowulf only once! My fears were A LOT worse. There were a lot of very interesting presentations and discussions, and an important effort is being made to organize and interconnect the community of people developing and using Kurucz's codes. Many thanks to everyone who participated.
PDF for the posters and the oral presentations are being put on line at the Workshop page.
After it, these pages are undergoing various modifications, I will report them as long as they are implemented. The first and more important is the creation of three mailing lists, maintained by Urtzi Jauregi at Ljubljana University, to address the needs of the community, from the requests of help, to the important announcements and the actual code development. Find out more in the Links page. Also, I added there links to some other "similar" projects that have been brought to my attention during the workshop.

2005 July 4 - This new version of the ATLAS suite page goes on line... For people who already downloaded the previous version of the code, here comes a list of the main changes:
  • The download does no longer need login and passwd;
  • The code has been re-ported. Due to improvements in IFC 8.0 and 8.1, many of the "fudges" we had to insert to compile under IFC 7 became no longer necessary. So we ported again everything from the last version in R.L.K. website, using a minimal set of changes, to make things cleaner. Almost everything is invisible from the user point of view, except for a couple things: first, input files which were once provided as for00x.dat are now passed as fort.x (e.g. for001.dat becomes fort.1). Second, the calls to PFIRON.DAT are no longer necessary in ATLAS (still needed in WIDTH, we are working on this). The input scripts provided as examples have been updated accordingly;
  • We added a documentation page, containing an on line cookbook for getting started with the codes, and some more advanced documents;
  • If you install the codes in the default form, you will have to slightly change your scripts (or to create some symlinks, of course), since now the ODFs are under ODF/NEW. Although you also have an ODF/OLD directory, it is empty: we verified that OLD type ODF can be safely downloaded in binary form from R.L.K. website, so you are expected to take them from there;
  • The name of the ATLAS executable has been changed to make it clearer: now you have atlas9mem_newodf.exe and _oldodf.exe, self explanatory I suppose;
  • Codes for calculating the synthetic spectrum of a rotating star are now provided:  refer to the cookbook where they are described;
  • Some utilities have been provided under a proper directory, although they are still mostly undocumented. A PERL script (ifconv.pl) is provided to easily check the ATLAS model convergence.